The Annotated Autobiography of Leone McGregor

Leone McGregor is a little-known historical Albertan figure. She was the first woman to graduate from the University of Alberta’s Faculty of Medicine in 1925, she was in the very first graduating class of that faculty, and she was top of her class. Later in her life, she became a practicing psychoanalyst in Europe and an advocate for women in medicine.

This play is about Leone’s story.

It is a play about how we tell stories. It is a play about why we tell stories. It is a play about who is telling the story.


The Annotated Autobiography of Leone McGregor premiered at the Edmonton International Fringe Theatre Festival August 12, 2016 with the following cast and creative team:

Leone: Kendra Lamothe
The Writer: Savanna Harvey
Freud: Vina Nguyen
The Stagehand: Heather Janzen

Director: Savanna Harvey
Playwright: Savanna Harvey
Costume Designer: Karlie Christie
Lighting Designer: Levin Tam
Sound Designer: Levin Tam
Stage Manager: Karlie Christie
Props: Heather Janzen
Graphic Designer: Alex Kirkpatrick



Poster design by Alex Kirkpatrick. Photos courtesy of Ryan Parker Photography


The play was first read at the SkirtsAfire Festival (Edmonton, 2016). Tracy Carroll dramaturged.