Play is an interactive performance installation mounted in found spaces. Audience members are meant to discover the installation by chance (on the street, in a back room) and to interact with each puzzle’s unique environment and performer. There are four puzzles in the series: Sing, Dance, Draw, and Swim. To activate and solve a puzzle, audiences must rekindle their childhood sense of play and exploration. There is no predetermined or linear way to solve the puzzle. Challenges are encountered spontaneously and their solutions inspired by the moment.

Play is intended for an audience-of-one. Alternatively,  it has been done with a very small participating audience, on public streets, with large observing audiences.

Play premiered at NextFest June 9, 2016 in Edmonton, Alberta.

Play was also presented at the Found Festival, opening June 23, 2016 in Edmonton, Alberta.


Play was part of the Edmonton International Fringe Theatre Festival, opening August 14, 2016.

Creator-Performer: Savanna Harvey
Found Festival Dramaturg: Beth Dart

Photos courtesy of Common Ground Arts Society’s Found Festival and Mat Simpson